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Bluejacket Rum - Covid Edition Bottle

Bluejacket Rum - Covid Edition Bottle

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During the dark days of Covid there was a major glass shortage in the United States. Because of this shortage, we were unable to get our great looking square bottles. To keep our products moving, we had to resort to round bottles, which we lovingly refer to as our "Covid Bottle Editions" for each spirit. It holds the same award-winning spirit, but in a less attractive bottle. We want to rid our memories of the pandemic as well as our remaining "Covid Bottles" (some could call them "collectors". We call them discounted).
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80 Proof / 40% ABV
Silver Medal- Bartender Spirit Awards 2022

In 1902 the U.S. Navy began issuing the Blue Jacket Manual to every sailor. As the Navy’s bible, it encapsulates the professional maritime spirit of the dedicated sailors or ‘Blue Jackets’ that bravely man the United States fleet. We dedicate our Rum to our U.S. Navy and all Blue Jackets.

Since before the 16th century, the delicious spirits of the Caribbean relied on the natural abundance of sugar cane. 1350 Distilling strives to purchase ingredients, machinery, and products ‘Made in America’. Our Louisiana-grown and refined molasses provides distinctive light rum flavors from start to finish. Our very slight ‘sweet-back’ of candy sugar provides a light copper tone and gives a pleasing and subtle, sweet finish to our Blue Jacket Rum.

Our Louisiana-grown sugar cane molasses blends a rich, caramel-brown color with a light, sweet-yet-subtle flavor to our Blue Jacket Rum. Our fermented molasses and Colorado sugar beets, earns the Blue Jacket Rum the decoration of ‘Gluten Free’ on every label. Fresh Colorado Rocky Mountain water is key to our rum fermentation and proofing, providing a clean, high-quality spirit. Coupled with our one-of-a-kind, custom-made copper ‘Rocket Still’ we are able to produce a smoothness in all of our spirits unattainable to traditional stills and processes. Our Blue Jacket Rum is an easy-drinking, likable, gluten-free, light rum. Rum Old Fashioneds, Cuba Libres, and Daiquiris are just some of the classic cocktails our guests love in our taste lounge. Tiki fans adore the complexity and mixability our Blue Jacket Rum provides.

Silver Medal- Bartender Spirit Awards 2022

Tasting Notes:
*A strong astringent banana leaf aroma
*Hints of caramel that get stronger on the palate
*Pleasant, buttery and sweet mouthfeel

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