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Wingman Gin

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131-1252-8855977 | Wingman Gin

Mission success is achieved with the mutual support and situational awareness of all team members. ‘Wingman’ mentality epitomizes the role that each Airman practices on the ground and in the air.

It is fitting that the all-Colorado refined sugar beets that are the foundation of our Minuteman Vodka also be the same locally-sourced ingredients for our Wingman Gin; afterall, the Air Force originated in the United States Army as the Army Air Corps until 1947. 

Our one-of-a-kind, custom-made copper ‘Rocket Still’ produces a smoothness in all of our spirits unattainable to traditional stills and processes. Juniper berries and a handful of other botanicals provide a pleasing, clean, Colorado Dry Gin unmeasurable anywhere within the Centennial State. Wingman Gin does not carry on the undesirable memories of most gins of the past. Instead, you will enjoy the delightful floral hints of cardamom and juniper that blend expertly into traditional cocktails. Gin & Tonics or Gimlets play nicely, but Wingman Gin allows the refined sophistication of a well-aged whiskey where you can enjoy its flavors on a single rock or in a dry martini. Like our Air Force, your taste buds will love to ‘Aim High!’

Gold Medal- The 50 Best 2021
Silver Medal- Bartender Spirit Awards 2022

Tasting Notes
*Fresh and fruity aromas of cucumber and green grape skins
*Floral palate of fennel pollen and roses
*More savory herbs on the finish.
Nose: Juniper, herbal juniper, floral juniper, lime zest, citrus peel, citrus, lemon
marmalade, pear, sweet berry, bubblegum, cookies, spice cake, mint, lavender,
rosewater, floral, cucumber, celery salt, cinnamon, clove, pine.
Palate: Lemon verbena, creamy lemon, citrus, angelica root, celery, green tea leaves,
botanicals, rose, floral, pink bubblegum, pastry dough, mint, clove, baking spice, white
pepper, peppercorns, peppery, pine, creamy, delicate.
Finish: Juniper, citrus, orange blossom, rose, herbal, eucalyptus, fresh thyme, dried
basil, earth, smooth, gentle, pleasant, bright, refreshing, elegant.

Out of stock
Out of stock
131-1252-8855977 | Wingman Gin