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Five Alarm Cinnamon Fire Bourbon

Five Alarm Cinnamon Fire Bourbon

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80 Proof / 40% ABV
Silver Medal- The 50 Best 2022
Bronze Medal- Bartender Spirit Awards 2022

The fire alarm code system is a simple way for fire departments to communicate the severity and resource requirements of each fire as determined by the on-site commander. A ‘Five-Alarm’ denotes the highest level of response and most dangerous of fires. Here’s to all of our first responders and firefighters!

Dedicated to United States Firefighters and First Responders, 1350 Distilling’s Five Alarm Bourbon is a three-year barrel-aged 99% corn bourbon. We use great-tasting Rocky Mountain water and infuse spicy hot cinnamon to make a healthier and great-tasting cinnamon bourbon.

The Five Alarm started as an infusion in our Tasting Lounge for our firefighter friends. It has become so popular, we just had to bottle it. This spice adds just enough fire to keep you warm even on a cold Colorado night—or wherever you choose to enjoy your #1350Spirit

Keep your bourbon flavor with just a sting of spicy cinnamon. Where other flavored whiskeys don't want you to taste the ambrosia called ‘whiskey’, the Five Alarm Cinnamon Fire Bourbon lets you enjoy both worlds.

Tasting Notes:
*Hot cinnamon is evident throughout
*Balanced with the sweetness of plums and raisins
*Five spice and fruit cake lead the finish

Nose: Cinnamon, Hot Heads candy, Apple Jacks cereal, Christmas cake, spices, apple
Palate: Cinnamon, Atomic Fireball candy, Red Hots candy, spicy, Apple Jacks cereal,
apple, vanilla, powdered sugar, smoke.
Finish: Cinnamon, Atomic Fireball candy, cloves, dried apple, light oak, softens up.

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